Fabric Reinforced Roofing

Rugged Protection And Lower Energy Cost

A Fabric Reinforced Roofing System gives buildings and businesses trouble-free protection. It waterproofs with a seamless acrylic coating in which a tough, flexible fabric is embedded. The combination makes a rugged, yet lightweight membrane that resists splitting and rupturing – the primary cause of leaks. This roofing system also substantially increases the strength of the roof, extends its life expectancy, and increases the energy efficiency of the building.

Reduce Cooling Expense

The average roof absorbs a large portion of the sun’s ultraviolet rays as heat. Conklin’s white Fabric Reinforced Roofing System reflects 85% of the sun’s heat, cooling your roof, which could
save as much as 30% in air conditioning costs.

Trouble-Free, Low Maintenance Protection

  • Tough, flexible fabric is embedded in an acrylic base coat
  • Produces a rugged, lightweight membrane that resists splitting and rupture
  • An extra durable system that delivers benefits for years to come
  • Increases energy efficiency and lowers utility expense with cool, white, reflective surface

Did you know? 

According to a study conducted by the National Roofing Contractors Association, nearly two-thirds of all commercial roofs fail before their expected lifespan due to a lack of proper maintenance or installation. Having regular inspections for your commercial roof could end up saving you thousands in the long run. 

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